our work

Jiu Long is the next generation of lion dance. We are a non-profit organization of like-minded individuals with one purpose. As a team we strive to further the art by combining ancient traditions with a modern flair to create a truly unique style.

We are a temple based group made up completely by volunteers with over 100+ years of lion dance experience between us. This guarantees that everyone performing for you will want to be there and loves to perform.

In addition, we reinvest the money made into maintaining equipment, providing food and transportation for our troupe, and additional gear for the next New Year season. The rest of the money (~50% – 60%) is donated to various temples in need around the city.

As a lion dancing group, we perform for numerous occasions and are not limited to any in particular. We tailor our performance according to what the event is and how it wants to be done. Special requests are accepted. For example, some events needs us to dismount off of stages, some want extravagant bench routines, some want simple traditional lion dance, confetti cannons, barrel rolls, fire, etc.

You’d just have to see the lion and communicate with us, we can accommodate! We are a group that focus on quality; everything we do is of the best quality one can expect.

Notable Clients